LED Secondary Packaging Technology

- Mar 29, 2018 -

Secondary package LED: After the first packaged LED and its driving or control circuit are soldered in the electronic circuit, they are sealed in the polymer package body to achieve waterproof, dustproof and protective functions. Its degree of protection is up to IP68, which can be used under harsh environments such as underwater and underground. Flame-retardant rating up to FV-0 level, oxygen index ≥ 28% of the highest fire-retardant rating, so that the secondary packaging LED lamps to self-extinguishing from the fire, superior safety performance. The use of UV-resistant packaging materials, so that the secondary package LED in outdoor use for 10 years does not crack on their own. The popular ultra-thin and transparent design is suitable for more occasions. After installation, the effect on the building during the daytime is very small. If the installation is reasonable, it can even be used as a decoration during the day to give the building an artistic effect. The secondary encapsulated LED has the advantage that the traditional LED luminaire products do not have, so that the lighting designer can design the cloth lamp in the underwater, underground, or any part of the building in the design of the landscape lighting, so that the imagination of the designer can be fully exerted. The design inspiration was interpreted, and generous landscape lighting works were realized.

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