LED Plant Growth Lamp Development

- Mar 29, 2018 -

In the national "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" 863 high-tech research plan, the Ministry of Science and Technology initiated the research process of LED application in the field of agriculture. After a competitive defense, Nanjing Agricultural University successfully obtained the 863 project proposal and funding, which is "11. During the period of “V”, the only agricultural lighting project approved by the state, based on more than 5 years of results accumulation and the characteristics of the tissue culture room, the project team developed LED assembly lights by optimizing spectral energy parameters, manufacturing processes, and shape design. Efficient, energy-saving, long-life and easy-to-install features.

Compared with fluorescent lamps, the use of LED tissue culture lamps can enhance the quality of seedlings, improve the quality of seedlings, shorten the seedling cycle and reduce energy costs; life expectancy is increased by 10 times; energy saving is 69.7%; initial investment can be recovered in 1.5 years. In the later period, the total cost savings will be 176,764 yuan during the life cycle; the height of the group's shelf will be reduced by 35%, which will increase the operating comfort and work efficiency; and the space utilization rate will increase by 35%.

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