How Long Does UV LED Curing Require?

- Mar 29, 2018 -

When the general UV varnish or ink formulation is selected, the curing time is selected to be within 0.1-0.2s, but the specific time after the formula is determined depends on the following factors from the process:

1, coating thickness, the coating surface curing fast, but the surface layer after curing strongly absorb ultraviolet light, ultraviolet intensity decays exponentially, reduce the curing speed. Therefore, the coating is cured quickly and slowly.

2, UV intensity. When the intensity is high, the curing time is short, and vice versa.

3. Add solvent. Diluents, such as ethanol, in the UV varnish reduce the curing speed.

4, the ambient temperature. The coating temperature at 50-70 degrees is the ideal ambient temperature.

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