The benefits of choosing a COB light source

- Mar 29, 2018 -

1. The built-in chip of an ordinary lamp once worked for a long time will cause the temperature difference of the chip to be too large to dissipate heat, thereby causing the decay of the light source to be accelerated and shortening its service life. This is not the case with COB light sources, because when using ceramic COBs for encapsulation, these conditions do not occur when used, so there is a reason to talk about long life.

2. The power of ordinary lighting fixtures will be high, causing some glare on the lighting problem, which is harmful to the eyes. The use of a COB light source is completely free of concern. The LED surface light source emits light in all directions and the light received by the eye is distributed over a large area. No more glare-like treatment.

3, simple and safe assembly, COB light source lighting structure is simple, a high-power chip can be composed of a lamp, solder joints less, do not need to use the patch, so that the installation can save more manpower, More suitable for promotion in the market.

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