How to identify LED integrated light source and COB integrated light source

- Mar 29, 2018 -

The first distinguishes from the use as a light source: the main purpose of the integrated high-power LED lamp beads is to produce LED floodlights, LED street lamps and other outdoor lamps, and the single largest wattage of the lamp can reach 500W; while the COB light source is mainly used. Used in led downlights, track lights, ceiling lights and other indoor lighting, the maximum single wattage does not exceed 50W.

The second distinguishes from the upper part of their brackets: The integrated LED lamp beads use only 10W, 100W, 500W and other square brackets. The material is mainly copper, and the brackets have two legs; and The brackets used for COB light sources come in a variety of sizes. The shapes of the brackets are square, rectangular, elliptical, and dozens of brackets of various sizes. The material is mainly made of aluminum, but also copper and ceramic brackets. With legs.

The third distinguishes from the LED chips that they use: integrated LED lamp beads generally use large-sized high-power LED chips of 1 watt or more, and the chip size is generally more than 30 MIL; and the COB light source is mainly smaller than 1 watt. Power LED chips are the main, and a very small amount of COB light sources will also use high-power LED chips of more than 1 watt, but it is not the main one.

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