10 kinds of common plants lamp beads ratio

- Mar 29, 2018 -

(1) Lettuce: The seeds have not yet been excavated and germinated. Light sources with red and blue light sources of 6:1 and 7:1 are best suited for their growth.

(2) Amaranth: Directly using red/blue 7:1, the entire growth process can be completed.

(3) Cucumber: 7:2 is the best red-blue ratio for the growth of cucumber seedlings, and the growth period of 7:1 is the best ratio.

(4) Chinese cabbage and spinach vegetables: The ratio of 7:1 is suitable for the growth of leaves of Chinese cabbage and spinach leaves. The entire process does not need to match the color.

(5) White radish: The best growth of light quality: red and blue ratio of 8:1.

(6) Oiled wheat dish: The ratio of red to blue light is 9:1, which is very good for the growth of oily wheat vegetables.

(7) Strawberries, tomatoes: Red and blue light 9:1 The growth of strawberries and tomatoes is most favorable, and the fruits are full and delicious.

(8) Holly: Red-blue light is arranged in a ratio of 8:1. Holly grows best, strong and has a very good root system.

(9) Sprouts: Best results with a ratio of 6:2:1 of red, green, and blue light.

(10) Calla lily: The ratio of red to blue light is 6:2.

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